Man and Boy

Departing from her now signature 'motion' landscapes, Amanda van Gils' new works reintroduce the figure. 
In passages of mottled light and active brushwork, the paintings make commentary on how the proliferation of digital technology has influenced the way we record and recall experience.

"I am interested in photography and how the advent of digital technology has changed our behaviour toward capturing imagery. I can easily remember having a roll of 12 exposure film and every shot being so precious because of the costs of film and printing. Photos were thus usually limited to special occasions. And now we are all running around, checking the scenery in front of us through the phone or camera, taking photos at a whim and posting them on Facebook, Instagram etc. Our behaviour has really changed and very quickly.

The paintings in Man and Boy document the capturing of moments deemed important to the photographer. The Man and Boy appearing in some of the images in this exhibition clearly have a strong familial bond. After sifting through a vast array of my own photographs, I recreated in paint those images that I wanted to make all the more more precious and long lasting.

The hash tags incorporated into the titles of the works serve to indicate that these images have been shared on social media. No longer confined to shoe boxes and family albums, today's incessant capturing and sharing of photographs blurs the boundaries between private and public." 

Amanda van Gils August 2014


Wandering Boy #manandboy #night 2014, acrylic on linen, 137 x 102cm 

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